Raise Capital: Financing a Start Up Company


The first capital entry into a start-up enterprise gives the impetus to turn the company owner’s vision into a reality. The fact is, raising capital can really spark the growth of a company and give the decision makers room to allocate funds toward the process.

Though there are many sources available to raise capital, it may be a very difficult task, especially for a start-up company. If the company’s principals don’t have a large amount of personal assets to put into the company, it can make the process even more challenging.

So how is it that young companies get that initial chunk of funds to boost their business or attract outside capital?

The following are capital raising ideas to help you jump-start your company:

Go Public:

Going public through our company may assist you in raising capital through our extensive network of investment bankers. Although it is no guarantee, if you have a good idea and business model that you can sell to the right investors, you may be able to raise enough capital that you don’t need to look at the other alternatives. Yes, you will need to invest in the going public process, but the results could be well worth the money you spend on going public and getting a stock symbol.

Venture Capital:

With the right business plan, and an excellent pitch, you may be able to raise money by going through venture capitalists. Venture capital companies are very selective about who they give out capital to, as they hear hundreds of pitches per month. This is a very difficult route, but with a great idea and the team to back it you may be able to raise a significant amount of money this way.

Do you have equity in your home?

If so, you can use it to provide seed capital to your company. This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, and can be a great way to raise a good chunk of capital. Of course, it must be invested into your business wisely, or you are just sucking money away from your real estate investment.

Approach family and friends.

Don’t overlook this great resource. Have all your agreements signed in a contract, and take care of your end of the bargain. The last thing you want to do is lose a close relationship over some borrowed money.

IMPORTANT: Ask for loans, don’t give up equity. Do you want your grandmother telling you how to run your business?

What about your credit cards?

We know, to some this is a terrible idea. However, if you can get some 0% interest cards and pay off the balance before the interest kicks in, it’s a good way to raise capital and access a pool of start-up funds.

Sell your possessions.

If you have a vacation home, classic cars, or any other assets of high value that you can stand parting ways with, sell them to raise capital for your venture.


Borrow against your life insurance policy and use the money for your venture.

Especially if you are in good health, this is a great option for raising capital.

All the above will prove that you brought all your resources into play to raise capital while giving birth to your company, your vision. Your attitude and commitment to raising capital for your startup company will not only inspire you, but also call to action all interested investors and they will help you in raise funds for your startup enterprise.

For information about becoming a public company and the best way to raise capital, please contact us today.